Welcome to The University of Tulsa’s Self-Photo Upload System!

The University of Tulsa now provides an online service to expedite the development of Faculty, Employee and Student TU ID Cards. The self-photo you provide must meet the requirements outlined in the TU Photo Submission Criteria detailed under “Step 1 – Take Your Photo”.

University departments may also request that the picture provided for your Faculty/Staff/Student ID be used for official University business. By submitting your self-photo for the TU ID Card, you agree that it may be used by the University for these purposes.

If you choose not to utilize the online process, you are required to visit the Parking & Card Services Office, located in Fisher Hall, to have your photo taken and ID Card produced on-site.

There is no charge for the first card issued to you. If you have any questions, please contact us at (918) 631-3360 or by email to parking-cardservices@utulsa.edu.

To begin, click the “GET STARTED NOW!” button below